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EPELA Authentic e-Learning shortlisted for Best Online Distance Learning Programme for Learning Technologies Awards 2016

This year's Learning Technologies Awards shortlist was announced on Twitter earlier on WED 7 SEP and I am delighted to learn that our entry entitled "EPELA Authentic e-Learning" has been shortlisted for "Best online distance learning programme". The presentation of the case to jury is scheduled for 4 OCT, with gala evening in London on 30 OCT to announce the winners.


I would like to thank all who participated in the creation of this authentic learning platform and two programmes (pharmaceutical cold chain management and VVM based vaccine management) we are currently running. Thomas Reeves (senior advisor and formative evaluation),Jim Vesper (Content development, voice over and formative evaluation), Nellie Kartoglu (content development and copy editing), Hanna Teräs (formative and summative evaluation), Andrew Garnett (Content editing), Ronald Gregory (Formative evaluation), Bill Aggen (Formative evaluation), Shelly Morse (Formative evaluation), Kemal Gökhan (illustrations, web page design), Gökhan Akaalp (software development and web page applications),Ümran Akaalp (software engineer), Umit Kivanc (camera, editing, music and graphics), Gençer Yurttaş (camera assistant), Bahar Gokten (camera assistant), Jean-Marc Glinz (camera), Mehmet Ibrahim Gokhan Acun (camera), Simona Zipursky (voice over), Deniz Nala Kartoglu (voice over),Kevin O'Donnell (voiceover), Sinead Jones (interface controls), Michael Garnett (equipment illustrations), Kshem Prasad (photographs), Tahir Ceylan (logistics and transport), Kamel Aboudi (logistics and dispatch), and Frank Chow Yuen (logistics and dispatch).

Special thanks go to mentors Kevin O'Donnell, Jim Vesper, late Andrew Garnett, Ticky Raubenheimer, Denis Maire and Julie Milstien.

Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Quality Illustrated is now available for free download and online use

“Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Quality Illustrated” is now available for free download (PDF version) and for online use in EPELA platform.


The work includes 730 terms, 101 photographs, 77 illustrations, 51 tables, 191 references, links and QR codes to 26 videos and 4 gif files in 255 pages. The work is more than a glossary, it also includes tools and approaches applicable alongside with the definitions. The EPUB version will be coming soon.

The spectrum of this glossary goes from product development and clinical trials to legislation around regulatory functions; from manufacturing to storage and dispatch activities and to post-marketing surveillance. It covers a comprehensive list of systems, procedures, and tools used at all levels that one way or another touch the issue of product quality. What you have in your hand is not a simple glossary. Under many terms, in addition to their definitions, you will find additional information and perspectives on their uses. Wherever possible, tables, flow charts, decision tables, illustrations, sketches, and photographs are included.


Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Quality Illustrated is now available for free download and online use

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